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Company History

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    To Bring The Best Together

    The idea of “Service Master” first was developed in New Zealand.

    This idea came about from experience during our home renovation. We had to get in touch with many Service Providers or Tradesmen and it was a very difficult task as we didn’t know who to trust and what is the quality of their work. In addition, we received many different prices which made us more doubtful who to trust. For all the obvious reasons we tried to bring the best, most affordable, and honest tradesmen together in one place to help people with their projects. And that is how the Service Masters started.


  2. a

    New Service Portfolio

    Customers rule our strategy

    Not long after we started, based on the everyday needs of our customers and their feedback we decided to add services that are more tangible in day-to-day needs, like house moving, transport, cleaning, and so on.


  3. a

    Covering More Cities

    And we listen to our customers again

    By 2015, smooth operation, a great selection of services, and very happy and satisfied customers. We added value to our business by bringing local business owners to our operation and connecting them back to their own community. Hence we decided to do this in other major cities in New Zealand.


  4. Moving To Austria

    Change is good, change means progress

    My passion for getting to know other cultures and people around the world brought me to the decision of moving to Europe and out of all the countries, found Austria and the beautiful Alps to be closest to my heart so moved to Vienna in 2018.


  5. And There Was Covid

    We had to delay the plan ...

    We have decided to do what we know and found Service Master – Austria. We were almost ready to go live and … COVID happened. So we decided to wait till is it over.


  6. Here We Go

    Ready to serve you with our great teams of professionals

    Finally, by end of 2022, we managed to start this company in Austria by bringing the best local service providers, tradesmen, and businesses together under one umbrella.

    We are excited about your next project and hope we can help you.

    Thank you for trusting and choosing us.



Service Master - Austria

Meet Our Team

Antonio Artisian

Artisiana Group

Michaela Bauernhofer
Interior Design

The Honed - Refined Design Solutions

Beata Gombos
Garden & Outdoor Design

Living Garden

Husein Rahimi
Transport & Storage

MJ Transport

Lucic Boban
Plumbing, Heating, Gas & Air-condition

Aqua Solut

Kevin Wieser

Elektro Gorgo

Joseph Spanner

Tischlerei Spanner GmbH

Segolen Koschu
Dog Hotel & Daycare

Gassi Gemma - We love Dogs

Tulay Gezer
Cleaning Division


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