Get to know us

Our Process


The first, booking your required service

Choose your requirements based on steps below

  1. Choose your location
  2. Service Category
  3. Required Service
  4. Service Extras (based on the services)
  5. Date & Time
  6. Select the first available Agent
  7. Register or login
  8. Choose your payment method
  9. Verify Booking Details and Submit
  10. On “Appointment Confirmation” you will see the order summary and you have a barcode that you can scan with your smartphone and add to your calendar.

Review & Confirmation

We send you a confirmation

  1. An agent will review your booking
  2. Agen will contact you if there is a need for clarification
  3. Agen will approve your booking
  4. You will receive a confirmation email
  5. And we will see you on the day of the booking

Few helpful points

Your account & administration

  1. After booking, you can go to “Booking Dashboard” if you need to view your booking summary and status.
  2. In your “Booking Dashboard”, you have a “Messages” section in which you can directly send a message to your agent if you have any questions or need to modify your booking.
  3. We send you a reminder 3 days before your meeting.
  4. It is important to clarify all your questions before booking day in case you require special tools or have specific instructions for your service.

Send us a message if you have an issue with your booking or service